Program Services

Drug Testing

Lighthouse Professional Services provides certified random drug testing for individuals or businesses who wish to support a drug-free environment for employees.  Lighthouse supports the 1988 Drug Free Workplace Act and the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program initiated by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  Random testing and training is performed on-site at the work location in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

Random drug screening is part of the impaired professionals monitoring program when applicable and is generally a component of fitness-for-duty assessments.

Specialty Educators of Tennessee (SET)

Lighthouse provides continuing education (CE) courses for certain healthcare professions in order to satisfy on-going educational requirements of licensees.  CE classes are presented under the affiliate name of “SET.”  SET maintains “approved provider” status from individual boards in order to guarantee qualifying education hours for the attendees.    Registration fees are charged and completion certificates issued to the attendees of the classes.

CE classes currently approved are as follows.

Tennessee Board of Dentistry

  1. Substance Abuse and the Dental Profession – 2 CE Hours

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